Sanfong Temple

Sanfong Temple located in Sanmin District was built in 1672, about 300 years ago, making it a famous Taoist center in southern Taiwan.It is the largest Taizih Temple, commonly known as the “Temple of the Princely Lord”.The initial name of the temple was “Sanfong Pavilion”, and changed to “Sanfong Temple” after numerous times of renovations.The current design of the temple is a northern palace style, which is very impressive.The temple is divided into three sections – the front, the middle and the back entering hall.The principal deity worshiped in the main hall is the Zhongtan Yuanshuai (Marshal of the Center Altar), Nazha the Third Prince.

Owing to the huge number followers, the square in front of the temple, where festival activities are held, is always a bustling area with the exciting folklore dance performances and formations to enjoy all day long.

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