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Santa barbara cave

The Santa Barbara Cave is a dissolution cavity above the San Giovanni lead-zinc mine, first covered by large baryte crystals when still under water, while stalactites and stalagmites of aragonite formed after the cave became situated above the groundwater table.   

Copyright: Hans zijlstra
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13348x6674
Uploaded: 11/11/2012
Updated: 16/10/2014


Tags: cave; dripstone; santa barbara; stalactite; baryte; crystals; aragonite; géode; san giovanni mine
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Hans Zijlstra
View on abandoned San Giovanni Zinc-Lead mine
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Villa Stefani (late XIX cent.), "Normann" mining village
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San Giovanni Mine rail road
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The Monteponi zinc lead ore processing plant with reddish colored muddy tailings
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Power transformer room of "Asproni" mining village (early XX c.)
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Giorgio Asproni's villa, "Asproni" mining village (early XX c.)
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Wash-house of "Asproni" mining village (early XX c.)
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"Asproni" mining ghost village (early XX c.)
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
"Asproni" mining village (early XX c.)
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Executive office and Villa Asproni, "Asproni" mining village (early XX c.)
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Executive offices of "Asproni" mining village (early XX c.)
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