Scenery of the downtown "Gohuku-tyou"  Shizuoka-City

Tall clown

Playing children

Glance of the happiness

Scenery of the downtown

( Clown Performer resident in Shizuoka, name is "OSKa!" http://motokiishere.wix.com/motoki#!oska/c853 )








( OSKa!/オスカ!:静岡在住のスティルト・パフォーマー



Copyright: Bibouroku Tabito
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10300x5150
Taken: 14/04/2013
Uploaded: 21/04/2013
Updated: 31/10/2014


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bibouroku tabito
大道芸ワールドカップin静岡 2013
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「街角のマルシェ」 シズオカ×カンヌウィーク2014(1)
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雨の中に立ち尽くす「彫刻」 大道芸ワールドカップin静岡 2014
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Shizuoka city hall (Shizuoka-city government office )
bibouroku tabito
The photo exhibition that was carried out at a street corner,about an atom bomb dropped by Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
bibouroku tabito
Street performance (Shizuoka City)
bibouroku tabito
"The Path to Peace" Ⅰ
bibouroku tabito
Colored leaves of the park - Spot Sale Fair of creators
bibouroku tabito
大道芸ワールドカップin静岡 2013
bibouroku tabito
Entrance hall by Shizuoka city hall
bibouroku tabito
「街角のマルシェ」 シズオカ×カンヌウィーク2014(2)
bibouroku tabito
Santa Claus carries "a pig causing happiness" Ⅲ (Shizuoka City)
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Ice Cave On Durmitor Near Zabljak 2
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Sunrise at the top of Dent d'Oche (French Alps)
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Escapade Island Resort Noumea Coral Reef Bubble
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Sunset at Mirror Lake
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Coral Reef Fish New Caledonia
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Kiosco Morisco at Santa María la Ribera
bibouroku tabito
法隆寺東院 夢殿 3
bibouroku tabito
Kitchen of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
bibouroku tabito
Ōdatara-Fudōson 2 (Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
bibouroku tabito
Shizuoka Railway  Yunoki Station(S05) Ⅰ
bibouroku tabito
Spiral Slide,Nihondaira sports park 2 (Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City)
bibouroku tabito
Night view of Shizuoka City,look at from Kajiwara-yama(Mt.Kajiwara)
bibouroku tabito
Plum garden of Tatsuo Shrine 1   (Kakegawa City)
bibouroku tabito
Cherry blossoms of Shimogamo Hot spring (MINAMI NO SAKURA)
bibouroku tabito
Autumnal colors of "Momijiyama-garden" in Sumpujo Park(Sumpu Castle Park).  Shizuoka-City
bibouroku tabito
Lobby and Gogatsu Ningyo"dolls,Futagawa Shuku Honjin
bibouroku tabito
静岡鉄道 新清水駅(S15)改札口
bibouroku tabito
View of the Shizuoka city from looked at from the mountain "Shizuhata-yama(Mt.Shizuhata)"
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