Scenic Rim region seen from the peak of Mt Barney
360 degree view from the peak of Mt Barney the highest peak in the scenic rim region. The mountains are eroded volcanic remenants, some are steep and rugged especially Mt Barney and Mt Warning. Mt Warning in NSW was the centre of an ancient supervolcano. Australia's great diving range runs a few kilometers to the west, and numerous peaks where the volcanic region intersects Australia's largest mountain range are visible in the north of this photo. The photo was taken just after the winter solstice on an iPhone.
Copyright: Rich Powell
Type: Cylindrical
Resolution: 6000x895
Uploaded: 14/07/2012
Updated: 16/07/2012


Tags: volcanic; remenants; peaks; queensland; qld; nsw; new south wales; great dividing range; mt maroon; mt superbus; spicers peak; nature; mountain; climbing; peak; lake; alpine; altitude summit; rocks
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Rich Powell
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