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Red Sea Liveaboard company Sea Serpent Fleet welcomes you for your Red Sea holiday on one of our luxury Red Sea liveaboards.

The Sea Serpent Fleet is a luxury liveaboard diving operation, providing quality diving services throughout the entire Egyptian Red Sea waters. Specialising in Southern Red Sea destinations (Brother Islands, Rocky Island, Daedelus, St Johns Reef), our experienced captains and dive guides will be delighted to show you all the underwater highlights.


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Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7224x3612
Taken: 29/07/2011
Uploaded: 22/11/2011
Updated: 15/04/2014


Tags: red sea; diving; snorkeling; scuba; brother islands; rocky islands; daedalus; luxury liveaboards; ship; boat
  • devakinandan verma over 1 year ago
    HI, Which camera did u use in this and len. I use Canon 6D 24-150 mm is this lens use for Panorama or any other lens is used (devakinandanverma@gmail.com)
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    Daedalus steg mitte
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