sea&​​river port

View of the sea and river port in Arkhangelsk.

View of the shopping center "Chas Pic", Club tennis "Rodina" and beauty "US-Maxima" (Arkhangelsk, ul.Rozy Luxembourg, 1)

Copyright: Churbanov Yakov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 22132x11066
Uploaded: 30/08/2012
Updated: 01/09/2014


Tags: sea; ​​river; port; terminal; rosa luxemburg; street; northern dvina; table tennis; club; rodina; beauty salon; maxima
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Михаил Шишов
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Arkhangelsk, Embankment "Northern Dvina" yacht club
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Aviation Museum North Arkhangelsk Talagi, North Aircraft Museum
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Northern Dvina Embankment, Arkhangelsk ,November 2014
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