Seltun Hot Springs
Copyright: Marek Koszorek
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9000x4500
Uploaded: 23/04/2011
Updated: 16/10/2014


Tags: seltun; iceland
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Iván Ferenczy
Seltun geothermal area
Jan Straka
Seltún geothermal field
Tom Mills
Blue Lake
Lukas Pribyl
Inside a lava cave
Jan Koehn
Blue Lagoon - ICELAND
Tom Mills
The Blue Lagoon
Jürgen Matern
Am Rand der blauen Lagune (Island).
Aleksandr Reznik
2013 06 15 185108 Iceland blue lagoon
Tom Mills
The Blue Lagoon
Tom Mills
Blue Café
Heinz Kirschner
Blue Lagoon
Tom Mills
The Blue Lagoon
Alexander Ruttgers
Glacier Point
Pascal Moulin
Cour du Musée du Vieux Granville - France
Witold Brzeziński
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Car Dump
Magnus Andersen
Wolfgang Taubert
Watzmann Southpeak (2712m)
Riess FotoDesign
AlpspiX 05
Tete du Colonney, 2692 meters
Adam Czapla
Turzańsk - Cerkiew prawosławna p.w. św. Michała Archanioła
Alejandro Ahumada
Durango Mexico Funicular
Jan Dunlop
Sunset at Navutu Stars Resort in the Yasawa Islands
Riess FotoDesign
Partnachklamm 04
Marek Koszorek
Cave Hill
Marek Koszorek
Trzy Korony
Marek Koszorek
Port Stewart Harbor
Marek Koszorek
Rathlin South
Marek Koszorek
Dunas De Maspalomas
Marek Koszorek
Hverarond Geothermal Area
Marek Koszorek
Giants Causway
Marek Koszorek
Marek Koszorek
Dukla Palace Park
Marek Koszorek
Diving of Drenia Island
Marek Koszorek
Cave Hill
Marek Koszorek
Dead Sea Beach
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A nature paradise complete with icecap, glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, and waterfalls, the climate is surprisingly mild (considering its northerly latitude) thanks to the Gulf Stream. Iceland boasts a modern infrastructure – in fact, it’s just over 300,000 residents enjoy what is one of the most developed and egalitarian societies on the planet, where most of the energy is provided by renewable sources and virtually all of the electricity is generated from hydropower and geothermal energy.