Buffet da Pepi Sciavo - con Ignazio
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Štefan Grgič
Sg italia trieste piazza della borsa
Atila Bezdan
Trieste,Piazza della Borsa
Atila Bezdan
Trieste,Piazza della Borsa
Štefan Grgič
piazza Verdi - teatro
Markus Ortner
Teatro Romano di Trieste
Takács István
Statue of James Joyce in Trieste
Viktor Vokic
The Old Roman Theatre (Teatro Romano)
Wolfgang Diesenreiter
Unity of Italy Square
Viktor Vokic
Piazza Unità d'Italia (Unity of Italy Square)
Viktor Vokic
Teatro Romano (The Old Roman Theatre)
Atila Bezdan
Trieste, Piazza Unità
Viktor Vokic
Canal Grande di Trieste (Grand Canal of Trieste)
Sotero Ferreira
Sino - Convento de Cristo
Andrey Yavolovsky
View From Narikala Fortress (Bottom)
Stefan Geens
Bread suq, Sana'a, Yemen
Hans Molenkamp
Levent ŞEN
Family Breakfast
Jakub Hruska
Inside paint mill 'De Kat' in Zaanse Schans
yunzen liu
the First Bend of the Yellow River Shapotou Ningxia,zhongwei
Sainte Martine flea market 2/10
Mark Schuster
Golostan Palace - Tehran - Iran
Andrew Usatyuk
Amphitheatre of ancient city Hierapolis
Tibor Illes
Airplane Memorial Park - IL-18 airplane inside
Štefan Grgič
Spittelau Viaducts
Štefan Grgič
San Giusto - cattedrale
Štefan Grgič
Štefan Grgič
Sg hrvaska rijeka ipermarket
Štefan Grgič
Muggia - Corso di Fotografia 2
Štefan Grgič
UNO City
Štefan Grgič
Castle Sneznik - bridge
Štefan Grgič
Štefan Grgič
Nazorij's Street -(AGRFT)
Štefan Grgič
Mariahilfer Straße
Štefan Grgič
U1 underground
Štefan Grgič
Sg italia trieste bar stella out
More About Italy

The name "Italy" is shrouded in mystery; some etymologists trace it to a Greek word meaning "the land of young cattle."Italy was fond of Jupiter and Mars from the very start, Jupiter for fatherly good luck and Mars for war!But it all began with Rome. Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus who were sons of Rhea and Mars.The twins were abandoned at birth out of a fear that they would grow up and later overthrow Amelius, usurper of their grandfather's rightful throne.Wrongful mis-doings most foul! Treachery and sabotage!! HOW would these two blessed infants make their way in such a world?As it turns out, the twins didn't have to make their way very far, because one of them killed the other one and then they weren't twins anymore. But that happens later.First they got rescued by a she-wolf who suckled them with her milk and raised them as her own until they were discovered by the shepherd Faustulus.Faustulus fed them meat and bread and also raised them as his own until they were old enough to return to Amelius and hack him up as planned. They reinstated the grandfather Numitor to his rightful throne and went off to celebrate by starting a town of their own.They chose a hilly area where the mama wolf had saved them from certain death in the barren wilderness and began scouting locations.Romulus liked one hill. Remus liked another. The circle of crows like Romulus' hill, so Romulus killed Remus and named the town after himself. Thus Rome was born and Italy with it.Text by Steve Smith.