SGI European Culture Center Trets

Trets hosts the SGI (Soka Gakkai International) European Cultural Center; every year many members of the SGI from all over Europe go there to attend courses with the aim of deepening their understanding of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin

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  • phyllis about 1 year ago
    A fabulous centre I have visited and studied there as a member twice from uk,. I will be visiting again this year as a guest just to see the scenery and chant. in this beautiful place. Phyllis
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    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    SGI European Culture Center Trets circle
    St Jean du puy TRETS
    St Jean du puy TRETS vue d'en bas
    Le Regagnas
    La chapelle Ste croix
    Jean-Luc Audouard
    Beaurecueil retirement home near the Sainte-Victoire
    Jean-Luc Audouard
    Montagne Sainte-Victoire
    La tour de l'horloge a roquevaire
    Mimet : Le Grand Puech
    Bertrand de LACLOS
    Lac de Bimont
    La bergerie - Roussargue
    Les collines entre Auriol et Roquevaire
    John Pollock
    Neil Parris
    Delicate Arch at Sunset, Arches National Park
    Serge Maandag
    The marina of Horta, Faial
    Andrew Usatyuk
    The Spaso-Preobragenskiy Cathedral in Chernigov
    Akiyoshi Odagawa
    St Germain des pres Church
    Yannis Guillon
    Place d'armes - Vieux port
    Yannis Guillon
    Foule Illuminée du Raymond Mason
    Kyrre Andersen
    Christoph Lueken
    Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Ayutthaya, Thailand
    Jakub Hruska
    Corso in Pallanza during Easter
    Martin Vejrosta
    Dolni Kounice - Rosa coeli
    Toni Garbasso
    Piazza dei Miracoli
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Orvieto Duomo
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Schulpark der Rudolf Steinerschule Poetzleinsdorf, Vienna
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Viennna Hofburg St. Michael's Wing Dome
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Cineplex Reichsbrigde Movie Theater N.1
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Heldenplatz Vienna by Night
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Managementtag 2013 PostAG
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    CCTV Tower Beijing
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Würzjoch - Passo delle Erbe
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    "Intercultural Living" B12 Hall UG
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Saint Aygulf Beach at Calanque des Louvans
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Brixen/Bressanone cathedral // cloister
    Florian Frey // studiobaff.com
    Ebreichsdorf/Unterwaltersdorf Distelweg
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