Shenyang 918 memorial halls
Liaoning Province

918 memorial halls - located at Shenyang northeast, northwest the wicker lake multi-level crossing bridge, west depending on grow up the railroad, the museum main body itself are the history commemoration building, it by remnant experience tablet image development in front of people.   Is being densely covered thousand sore in a giant stone carving Taiwan calendar the hundred bullet holes, visibles faintly the innumerable skeletons, symbolizes the ghost which thousands of do not vanish to cry out and the call letter. A right side page was inscribing the Chinese people forever the unforgettable most sorrowful day - - September 18, 1931, the lunar calendar Xin not year in August seventh day date. A left side page carves to engrave “nine · 18” emergency's historical evidence: “night of about 10:00, the Japanese forces from explode the southern Manchurian railroad wicker lake road section, instead slanders Chinese army behavior , then attacks and occupies the Beijing University camp. My Dongbei Army officers and men in do not resist under the order to endure suffering retreat, the national disaster arrives, the people rise spiritedly to resist.”From undergoes the tablet positive arch gate to enter a building main hall remnantly, on the front surface black color marble inscribes “do not forget the national humiliation” four large brush-written Chinese characters, inlays in the character place above has the surface remnant lune clock, meantime needlework 10:20, this is the Japanese invading army initiates attacks the Beijing University camp the time.

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More About Liaoning Province

Liaoning (Liaoning Province) has a long history of the Chinese nation and one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, referred to as "Liao", meaning "Liao River Basin, always peace", the provincial capital of Shenyang City. Liaoning is located in the southern part of Northeast China, is China's northeast economic zone and the Bohai Economic Zone of the important junction, the Northeast is leading off the traffic arteries, but also in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia to the world, the importance of the Eurasia continental bridge connecting Portal and leading-edge areas. The province's land area of 146,900 square kilometers, population 43.15 million (as at the end of 2008), governs two sub-provincial cities (Shenyang, Dalian) and 12 prefecture-level cities.