Shenzhen resident center

Shenzhen resident center located at Shenzhen central area axle, the total floor space 210,000 square meters,

is Shenzhen's landmark, is also the central area terrestrial reference. this building laid a foundation in

December, 1998, project finished basically to the end of December, 2003. The residential center central area

construction by supports the big roof the round tower, Fang Ta and the glass skirt building is composed ,

total floor space 89,000 square meters, building gross altitude 84.7 meters. Decadent round tower 12, 2~9 are

the industry exhibition halls, 10~12 are the engine rooms. Red Fang Ta altogether 15 story-high, 1~4 are 2500

meeting halls, big its area, crown of for the whole city, each kind of large-scale conference and the

performance may carry on here; 5 are the equipment and the work uses the room and the municipal government

informationization engine room; 7~12 are the archives. Under two turret's thing two glass skirt building

altogether two, the first part by the distinguished guest channel, the public etiquette hall, meets to treat

the room, the distinguished guest hall and the government administration serves the hall to be composed.

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