Skipjack Anna McGarvey

Anna McGarvey is a 45.3 foot long two-sail bateau, or V-bottom dead-rise type of centerboard sloop, commonly referred to as the skipjack. She has a beam of 15.7 feet, a  depth of 3 feet, and a net registered tonnage 8. This vessel is a 45.3' long, two sail bateau, or V—bottomed deadrise type of  centerboard sloop,commonly referred as a Skipjack.  She has a beam of 15.7 , a depth of 3' and a net registered gonnage of 8.  The vessel carries a typical skipjack group of Juib-headed mainsail and a single large jib a club of it's foot. Built in 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland by Melbourne Smith, Anna McGarvey gains her significance as being one of the last 35 surviving traditional Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks in a member of the last commercial sailing fleet in the United States. Anna McGarvey is of special interest for having been built by the builder of the pride of Baltimore and for being one of the two new Skipjacks added to Maryland's oyster dredging fleet in recent years.

From Maryland State Archives

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