Slavonski Brod - Sava River - Rafts Street
Slavonski Brod

Here we are in Slavonski Brod, on the bank of the Sava River.  River is a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia. Downstream from Slavonski Brod , along the river  is jogging  and bike trail. On the river we can see houses on rafts in "Splavarska ulica" (Rafts Street).

Copyright: Vlatko Šplihal
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Taken: 10/07/2010
Uploaded: 11/07/2010
Updated: 05/03/2015


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More About Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod is a city in Croatia. In Roman times known as the village Marsonia. Between 1244 - 1934 known as Brod na Savi. It is located in the northeast of Croatia, in the region of Slavonia. This is the industrial, cultural, administrative, judicial and financial center of Brodsko-Posavska Zupanija County.