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Stunningly beautiful beaches, a very lively carnival and the largest architectonic complex of Portuguese origin in Brazil, São Luís in Maranhão is all that and a little more. Although founded by the French, the capital of Maranhão shows little evidence of that except for the names of a few streets and monuments – such as the beautiful La Ravardière Palace -, and a refined touch in its cuisine. The main features of the city have been inherited from the Portuguese: the incredible row of tiled houses and the countless surnames of Portuguese origin, among other influences. In 1997, São Luís was granted the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in recognition for the preservation of its magnificent and homogenous Latin American colonial architectonic complex from the 18th and 19th Centuries. There are more than 3500 buildings of incomparable historic and artistic value that portray the way of life of the city’s old well-to-do families. São Luís is bathed by the warm waters of São Marcos Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and permanently heated by the sun.


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Marcio Cabral
Sao Luiz
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Rua da Estrela, Praia Grande (São Luís - MA - Brasil)
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Rua da Estrela - São Luís (Maranhão) - Brasil
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Rua da Estrela, Praia Grande (São Luís - MA - Brasil)
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Rua de Nazaré e Praça Benedito Leite
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Feira da Praia Grande
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Praça Benedito Leite - São Luís (MA)
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Praça Benedito Leite - São Luís
Marcio Cabral
Igreja Da Sé
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Praça João Lisboa - São Luís - MA - Brasil
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Praça Dom Pedro II
Vasily Kumaev & Andrew Mishin
Museum of wooden architecture. Church. 4. Interior. (Great Novgorod) (2009)
Emile Duijker
kermis in volendam
Circle of Girls Budapest
johnchoy ( 蔡旭威 )
Tung Chung 360 restaurant
Willy Kaemena
Cable Car
Stefan Zander
Millenium Bridge Sunset
Valentin Arfire
Sant Cugat De Valles F
N. Cortez
Our Lady Of Victory (Foyer)
Gregory Diaz
Cerro de Monserrate Santuario de los Colombianos en Bogota
Tokyo Sky Tree is growing
Marc Gruber
Federico Infanti
Lago di Barcis - vista dal Ponte Antoi
Marcio Cabral
Marcio Cabral
Tapera Hotel -
Marcio Cabral
Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy River at Full Moon Light
Marcio Cabral
Cerrado Stellar II
Marcio Cabral
Rio de Las Vueltas and Viedma Lake
Marcio Cabral
Magical Autumn
Marcio Cabral
Taiua's Chale
Marcio Cabral
Mimosa 3
Marcio Cabral
Pira Miuna Hotel Reception
Marcio Cabral
Paepalanthus Galactic
Marcio Cabral
Marcio Cabral
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Here's your soundtrack. Okay, maybe they're not exactly brazillian but their music is awesome and their live shows legendary.Now, Brazil covers almost half of South America and its Amazon rainforest is the world's largest jungle... which is rapidly getting cut down. The country is basically one giant botanical garden with some bangin' cities on its edges.Brazil was colonized in 1808 by the royal court of Portugal, which was fleeing Napolean's troops. They didn't stay long, and Brazil won its independence in 1822.Its biggest city, Sao Paulo, is the financial hub of South America. Brazil is the "b" in BRIC -- Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four were labeled the world's fastest developing large economies in the year 2001.Brazil is known for three things: amazingly beautiful women, carnival, and Pele -- King of Football, Athlete of the Century, football ambassador of the world and a declared national treasure.Brazillians can tell foreigners a mile away, by the way their hips move. Samba is built into the soul of brazil and carnival is when it bursts out into twenty-four hour undying explosions of sound on every street.This picture of mask diving at the Taipus reefs makes me shed hot and salty tears all over my calendar, which is set on "January" right now.Text by Steve Smith.