Small Lake Rhododendron Gardens
A panorama of the small lake near the entrance to the Rhododendron Gardens, Olinda. Can you find the Kookaburra?
Copyright: Neil Creek
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 14200x7100
Uploaded: 19/01/2013
Updated: 03/07/2014


Tags: garden; gardens; lake; pond; trees; flowers; sky; kookaburra; nature; green
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Ben Kreunen
Ornamental Lake, National Rhododendron Gardens
Ben Kreunen
Weeping birch and ornamental lake: National Rhododendron Gardens
Ben Kreunen
Weeping Cherry, National Rhododendron Gardens
Ben Kreunen
Fern Gully, National Rhododendron Garden
Neil Creek
National Rhododendron Gardens
Neil Creek
Main Street Shops
Ben Kreunen
Azaleas, National Rhododendron Gardens
Ben Kreunen
Weeping Deodar, National Rhododenron Gardens
Ben Kreunen
Stand of Empress Trees
Ben Kreunen
Yunan Poplars, RJ HAmer Arboretum
Neil Creek
Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Autumn
Neil Creek
Footbridge, Alfred Nicholas Gardens
luis davilla
neocave of altamira in santillana del mar, spain
Christian Kleiman
Tiovivo del año 1913 en el Campo de Marte
Javier Torres
Sala de Cirugía de Pequeños Animales
Шамiлов Iлья
Ostromechevskaya watchtower 35m above the ground (216 m) 07072013 Остромечевская сторожевая вышка 35м над землей (216 м)
Javier Torres
Sala de Cirugía de Grandes Animales
Pascal Moulin
Dans le chœur de l'abbaye d'Hambye - France
Jaime Brotons
Jeffrey Martin
Prague Skyline Aerial Panorama from the Metronome
Andrew Bodrov
Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 613
kiyoharu takamura
Automatic playing pipe organ hall
Marcio Cabral
Electric River at Sunrise
zeljko soletic
Marché aux Fleurs de l’Île de la Cité
Neil Creek
Tahbilk Wetlands
Neil Creek
Kurth Kiln Regional Park Stream
Neil Creek
Wonens memorial garden
Neil Creek
The Milky Way Over Goulburn Weir
Neil Creek
Lake Eppalock Retreat at Night
Neil Creek
Veritasium Panorama
Neil Creek
Alfs courtyard, Alfred Hospital
Neil Creek
Cement Creek, Warburton
Neil Creek
Rainforest in St Columba National Park
Neil Creek
Studio Shoot with Friends
Neil Creek
Newell Beach, Pre-eclipse 2012
Neil Creek
Mel's Cottage - Front
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