Othodox church in Smoljinac village

Smoljinac is one of the largest and richest villages in and around the Stig Branicevo district. It spreads over 3652 hectares. In addition to the industry - agriculture and cattle raising, he has developed a very small economy.

It was registered 48 private entrepreneurs. On their initiative and the local community SMOLJO-nac, was founded in evasion of the municipal associations of entrepreneurs, "Stig-nac SMOLJO" - A little black soils.

According to recent data, Smoljinac has 620 houses and 2625 inhabitants, of which 60% is working abroad. The village has a variety store nine, six cafes, a pastry shop, medical clinic with pharmacy, veterinary clinic, two agricultural pharmacies and mail.

Religious, cultural and educational facilities in the Church Smoljincu Petozarnih martyrs and the Monastery of Saint Petka, Primary School "Draza Markovic Rod" with pre-school group, Cultural, in which the active drama and folklore section.

- One of the very old and valuable objects Petozarnih the church martyrs, was built in 1312. The original foundations in 1845. newly built, with the nineties is more human priest Zivorad Pavlovic and the villagers Smoljinca gratitude, renovated and built a large church hall with nice living quarters. Voluntary contributions from local residents, the eighties was restored and the monastery of Saint Petka, which dates from the 16th century. Recently, brought electricity to the monastery, along the road to the monastery drafted as street lighting. That helped us and "Elektromorava" and the Municipality of Pozarevac. The monastery is located in a move Zmajevac, smoljinackog above the lake. It is about the artificial lake, built in 1966. year. Full clean it seven sources of drinking water flowing from the monastery. The lake is approximately 3 acres, has the shape of water droplets. It is rich in fish, in the care organization Smoljinac fishermen. At last year's competition anglers, the lake has carp izvaden kapitalac. Lake will get a special status uskoto, better maintenance, and think that the detail edit, edit the path to the monastery, made a few small bridges over streams of sources, reconstruction of existing public fountain and the entire complex into a very nice resort, the future may be interesting to tourists, - said Jeroslav Ognjanovic, MZ Smoljinac member of the Council.

- Elementary school "Draza Markovic - Roda" Smoljincu one of the oldest in Serbia. There are 350 pupils, within the school and the department of preschool education. The problem is that it reduces the number of children for years, mainly due to going abroad with their parents. For the past ten years, the number of pupils is almost halved. Young people remain in rural areas, actively participate in the work of cultural and artistic society, founded in the 1982nd year. Cultural Smoljinac hard at work preserving the cultural heritage of their region. New drama and the folklore section, the holder whose Ensemble numerous awards, among them Plaques with a young Crnice, assigned to the 14th October 1999. year. Recorded outstanding results and our football club "Unity", which are being fed into the united municipal league "Mlava". Chess club has reached the Serbian league - said Dragisa Cirkovic, vice president of the Council Smoljinac MZ, with a young representative in the black soils.

- Local community Smoljinac, with the help of small municipalities Crnice and the Republic of Serbia, during the last year has achieved significant results. First, the importance and financial investments, it is worth to point out that the new layer of asphalt, a length of nearly 4 kilometers, covered path that connects with Smoljinac highway Pozarevac - Kucevo. It has cost 12 million dinars, which makes the bulk of the figure of about 17 million to the total number engaged in numerous activities. And, we have invested in the renovation of the school roof and replacement windows, roof renovation and interior painting of the facade of the Cultural Centre, the implementation of electricity and construction of street lights to the Monastery, and the digging of canals for the abduction of storm water, MZ sredivanje room upstairs, currently used Association of private entrepreneurs. For the purpose of paving the road brought more than 1,300 tonnes of grit, counting and filling along the shoulder novoasfaltiranog times, obtained for the failure of water pipes, are invested in the maintenance of lighting, financially assisted Football and Chess Club, holding various menifestacija, and MZ is supported and fined Zoran Miljkovic villagers whose houses burned in a fire - said Dragan Dinic, Speaker of the MH Smoljinac.

MZ Smoljinac Council for the next period is placed in the top priotiteta troubleshooting healthy drinking water, scheduled to begin this year, due to lack of funds delayed the 2008-in. It is necessary to improve the supply of electricity, especially at the lower end of the village where the voltage is below all boundaries, and will work to expand or replace the telephone exchange, as they need much beyond its current capacity.

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