East Shore Somes Sound

Somes Sound nearly bisects Mount Desert Island, Maine.  It is often called the only fjord in the United States, though some geographers say it is not a fjord at all.  Anyhow it is a very long, narrow arm of the sea flanked by steep mountains.  If you look across the sound the sea (not visible) is to your left.  The mountains (l. to r.) are Flying, Saint Saveur, and Acadia; Norumbega Mountain is at your back.  Barely visible are boats anchored at the towns of Manset and Southwest Harbor to the left, and Somesville at the head of the Sound to the right.

Copyright: Thomas k sharpless
Type: Spherical
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Uploaded: 29/08/2012
Updated: 30/06/2014


Tags: acadia park; fjord; sea; mountains
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