Square Siberian cats

Square Siberian cats became a birthday present Tumen Street Pervomayskaya . 12 kittens and cats sculptures cast in iron and covered with a special gold paint. During World War II siege of Leningrad in almost no cats - they ate in the terrible winter of 1941-42 . In the absence of cats in the city bred rats.Once the blockade was lifted cats were brought from other parts of the country. Recruited them , and in Siberia to protect the precious stores of the Leningrad Hermitage and other museums. A total of Leningrad was sent to 5000 Omsk, Tyumen, Irkutsk cats.

Copyright: Chebaldin Vladimir
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10864x5432
Taken: 09/08/2012
Uploaded: 10/08/2012
Updated: 05/09/2014


Tags: square; siberian; cats; tyumen; leningrad
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Chebaldin Vladimir
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Chebaldin Vladimir
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