St John Cemetery, East

From their website, and I quote:

Why Choose a Catholic Cemetery:

Because it is an extension of the Parish and Catholics traditionally would have their family burial place in a setting which reflects their faith and devotion

A Catholic cemetery is a holy and sacred place, a place of prayer, a place that preserves beliefs and traditions.

Here the deceased rest awaiting the day of resurrection and everlasting life.

  • At Catholic Cemeteries, burial is a MINISTRY, not a business
  • Owned and operated by Saint John's Cemetery
    Serving the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, we have served the local Catholic community for over 150 years.

  • Catholic Cemeteries are sites for Holy Mass
    Masses are celebrated regularly in memory of our loved ones, proclaiming our belief in the resurrection.

  • Respectful Care
    We take pride in the care we devote to maintaining the unparalleled beauty and landscaping of our cemeteries. Our concerned staff is always ready to assist you

  • Interment Chapels
    Provide for committal service in a reverent, sheltered, indoor setting eliminating the concern of possible inclement weather conditions.

  • Endowed Care
    Those purchasing sites now receive endowed care as the church is committed to caring for the resting place of our loved ones until the day of the resurrection

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