Unknown Soldier Statue, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
Targu Mures

It snowed this year like it used to a long time ago in Tirgu-Mures. So everybody was happy and prepared their sleights and skis.

It was a beautiful night for a walk in the old city.

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Tags: snow; tirgu; mures; romania; winter; night; cold; outdoors; city; transylvania; statue; unknown; soldier
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More About Targu Mures

Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mureş lies at the junction of three geographical regions (Mezőség / Câmpia Transilvaniei, Maros Valley and Nyárádmente) at about 220 meters above sea level. The city extends onto both banks of the Maros / Mures river, however, the downtown area and the greater part of the districts are located on the left bank. The Somos-high is the city's highest point (465m above sea level, GPS co-ordinates: width N 46° 33,1840'; lenght E 24° 35,9050' ) The city's climate is moderately continental.The city is surrounded by the following townships: Marosszentgyörgy (Sîngeorgiu), Jedd (Livezeni), Marosszentanna, Marosszentkirály, Koronka (Corunca) and Maroskeresztúr.Distances between Târgu Mureş / Marosvásárhely and some of the major cities in Romania:    * Bucharest: by rail 448 km, by road 346 km    * Brasov / Brassó / Kronstadt: by rail 282 km, by road 171 km    * Cluj-Napoca / Kolozsvár 127 km by rail, by road 105 km    * Sibiu / Nagyszeben / Hermannstadt by rail 189 km, by road 124 km