Stones 4 — Камни 4
Lake Irtyash

Во время прошлогодней засухи Иртяш обмелел. Камни, которые раньше были скрыты слоем воды, оказались на берегу или просто выступили наружу.

Мне нравятся эти необычные валуны. Вид озера немного стал напоминать балтийский берег.

Copyright: Evgeniy Veldyaev
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Taken: 30/04/2011
Uploaded: 14/09/2011
Updated: 22/03/2015


Tags: stones; irtyash; lake; russia
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More About Lake Irtyash

Lake Irtyash is one of the largest lakes in the Ural. Its area is such that into him can fit  the State of San Marino.Translated from the Bashkir (Bashkirs are the indigenous people of the Urals) Irtyash name means "stony place". And indeed, shores of the lake looks like the rocky cliffs, in the shallows are often large boulders. On the north shore of the lake is the city Casli, south-east - the city of Ozersk, on the southwest coast are Kyshtym outskirts of the city.