Novyy Svet. Golicyn's Grotto

Golitsyn's Grotto - cave length of about 20 m and a height of 5 to 8 pm In the middle of the grotto - a shallow well with fresh water. Groth equipped Prince Lev Golitsyn: the front part is fenced off by a stone wall at the back of the grotto were stored wine. At the inner wall built niches in cells which Golitsyn kept bottled wine collection. This winery, which has been preserved to date. At the far left corner of the grotto built an arch to the entrance to the tunnel, which, presumably, connected to wine cellars factory of sparkling wines. It features excellent acoustics, this grotto. Here Golitsyn often received visitors, illuminated grotto massive candle chandelier. On the front of the site a stone terrace for receptions and family dinners, it is used as a platform. It is said that there appeared FI Chaliapin, hence the second name Grotto - Grotto Chaliapin.

Copyright: Vladimir Chumachenko
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 14000x7000
Taken: 04/07/2010
Uploaded: 30/07/2010
Updated: 05/03/2015


Tags: crimea; sudak; ukraine; view; sea; grotto; new world; path
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