Sunrise at Zhungou Sand Beach, Little Liuqiu 小琉球中澳沙灘日出

Sunrise at Zhungou Sand Beach, Little Liuqiu at 101st year of the Republic Era (2012), september, 11th.

At the end of the summer vacation, me and my schoolmates went to Little Liuqiu. Me and some classmates got out of bet in early morning of second day and went to Zhungou Sand Beach. All of us were very pleasured about the simple, quiet sunrise.
Zhungou Sand Beach is at the north-east side of Little Liuqiu. Look back along the beach, the long, continuous building is the Baisha Elementary school. And Little Liuqiu fishing port, or Baisha Harbor a little further along the beach. The building that combined with many cuarter, colored beam is the visitor center. Little Liuqiu Ferry Harbor is just right beneath it.

Little Liuqiu has a official name of "Liuqiu Islet", located on sea at 14 KM south-west of Donggang Township, Pingtung County, about 35KM away from Kaosiung Harbor. Little Liuqiu is the only coral island among Taiwan's off-shore island. Alse, Little liuqiu is one of the seven coral island around the world that has above 6 sqare KM surface area. Little Liuqiu 6.801 myriare, 5.5KM from north to south, and widest of 2KM from east to west. It has girth of 11.92KM. There are all kind of nature coral cave and geometry. It clear sea and deep-blue sky makes a perfect place for relaxation.


在這個暑假的結尾,與同學們到小琉球玩。在島上的第二天一早與幾位同學殺到中澳沙灘去 享受這外島寧靜而單純的日出。



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