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Liquor Supermarket "El Cielo"

Liquor Distributor of Heaven, more than 50 years with you.

Three Generations in the field
The Liquor Distributor is created by Don Cesar Villalba and his wife Maria Soto (parents of current owners), in the area of ​​St. Paul then, Don Cesar and family. moved to its present location in San Diego in the 60's, which changed its name to "liquor store Sky", currently serves Distribuidora Heaven and distributes Wine Spirits Beer and drinks throughout the country, including Arica to Punta Arenas Island Easter.
Today the small liquor store has become a holding company that encompasses a number of companies including Distributor of Liquor, Transport Company, Real Estate which give a solid institutional and financial support that makes us stable strategic partner in the area Wines and Spirits category both domestically and internationally.

Distributor Partners Inc. Heaven
Tradition and commitment
Today society is formed Heaven by Don families descended from the founders, the Company Villalba - Villalba Fuica and society - Voth therein lies the tradition and knowledge of an industry as versatile and changeable as the Wine, Spirits and its derivatives almost naturally each member of these families, societies has assumed a complementary role is well defined and as head of Business Development and Marketing is Marketing Manager Don Pablo Villalba, Patrick Voth, Management of Finances and Logistics Management.
In these families a broad knowledge of the item, the order of labor discipline is carried in blood and outstanding levels transmitted imposing their ventures.

Infrastructure Quality Standards
The security of being a solid company
We have now of 1100 m 2 distributed
• Sales Area inn with 19 simultaneous outlets which take an average of 60 visits per point, arriving at about 1500 sales / day effective in the months of greater trade flows.
• Area Wineries and storage of products, usually the certifications are important but in our case most of our wineries the certification constituted the recent earthquake that affected our country, the losses caused by this were minimal thanks to the rack and pallet seismic installed in 2009 under the supervision of Patrick Voth, Management of Finances and Logistics Management, a member of society and in charge of Heaven area logistics and infrastructure.
• Parking Area, with two clearly defined and separated, we have a large surface area for public and one for our delivery fleet in the audience are given the purchases made in the inn directly on the orders of our customers, thus increasing efficiency and quality of service delivered

Administrative and financial
Without proper management can not survive more than 50 years
Quality, production and logistics go hand in hand in our company handling more than 5000 different products can only be achieved efficiently integrating the knowledge and the advances that exist today; Software sales counter, external professional accounting audited.
• Sales Force
Our responsiveness to customers is an essential feature of work This is achieved based on a number of points of contact and Sell;
We have a sales force within and outside the local
19 jobs in the local inn
22 local vendors
10 foreign retailers
15 people in administration
8 winemakers
10 delivery vehicles

We Are The Sky
A landmark in the area of ​​sales liquor Wine

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