Surroundings: A New England Store Interior

Located in a building built directly above the Megunticook River, Surroundings is a retail store in Camden, Maine, USA, that specializes in items for the home, especially for the table and kitchen. It offers a very large selection of tablecloth styles and is well known for the displays of home merchandise.

The building was built after Camden's great fire of 1892 and has served as a trolley station, electric company office, a brass store and an audio-video equipment store among other uses before Surroundings moved in. Camden is a popular tourist destination on the coast of Maine because it is a picture perfect New England town. The store is in the heart of Camden's shopping district on Main Street which serves both locals and tourists.

Pictured is Janis Kay, the owner, who created the business in 1992.

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Tags: retail; interior; store; shop; kitchen; tablecloths; dishes; commerce; business
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