The opencast mining Inden between Aachen and Colone

Coal will be earn here in open-cast mining. This pit named "Tagebau Inden" and ist a smal one in this area. The greates pit in Germany is "Tagebau Hambach" with 33,9 km².

You can finde details on wikipedia (german): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagebau_Hambach.

Copyright: Paul linden
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10672x5336
Uploaded: 14/10/2012
Updated: 30/06/2014


Tags: open-cast mining; inden; outdoor; sun; blu sky
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Eva and Sascha Henke
Open cast mine Inden
Andreas Schniertshauer
View from head of Indemann (Look-out) on Goltsteinkuppe near Lucherberg
Josef Jung
Alter Turm
Josef Jung
Kirche in Aldenhoven
Josef Jung
Simon Kraus
Tagebau Inden
Josef Jung
Josef Jung
Friedhof Aldenhoven
Simon Kraus
Josef Jung
Pfarre St.Johannes der Täufer Siersdorf
Eva and Sascha Henke
Peter Braatz
Flugtag Flugplatz Merzbrueck
Tom Hurley
Bamburgh Dunes
dieter kik
es gruent so gruen..............
T. Emrich
Cave Baredine, the big chamber
Hans Molenkamp
Baska Voda
Hans Molenkamp
Porat Dalmatia
Vasilis Triantafyllou
Averof Ship Athens 3
Michael Pop
Radio Kiss FM Bucharest
Flemming V. Larsen
Grenen -The Top of Denmark
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Amasra3 black sea turkey
Champ de fleurs mauves
Tom Hurley
Seahouses Lobster Pots
Richard Chesher
Dumbea River Crossing New Caledonia
Paul Linden
Entrance to the old imperial Abbey of Kornelimünster in Aachen
Paul Linden
Namo Buddha Stupa
Paul Linden
Sarajevo, Aussicht von Gornji Kotorac
Paul Linden
Castle ruins Franchimont in Theux / Belgium, former tower
Paul Linden
Old imperial abbey Entrance
Paul Linden
North side pilgrimage church, imperial abbey in Aachen - Kornelimünster
Paul Linden
Restaurant Holzschopf Hinterzarten Bar
Paul Linden
Baktapur Ganesh Temple
Paul Linden
The Masca Canyon on Tenerife four
Paul Linden
500 x Charlemagne on the Katschhof 05
Paul Linden
Near the cyclop stones in the Aachen forest
Paul Linden
Begnas Lake Himalaja View
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