Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Hall
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Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Hall

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Tangshan resists earthquakes the memorial hall to resist earthquakes west side the monument square located at the Tangshan urban district center, built in 1986, the old name is “the Tangshan seismic data exhibition hall”, floor space 1488 square meters. in 1996, was commemorates anti- to shake the disaster relief 20th anniversary, the Tangshan Municipal party committee, the municipal government carries on to the original hall changed the extension, simultaneously changed the name for “Tangshan resists earthquakes the memorial hall”, after the extension memorial hall floor space was 5380 square meters. in the memorial hall has the large-scale comprehensive nature to display "Today Tangshan - - Tangshan Construction Achievement Display". The display is divided 9 parts. The first part of synthesis introduced after Tangshan's geographical position, the resources distribution as well as shake, state of play. The second part had reflected objectively the Tangshan big earthquake the extremely serious loss which people's life and property creates for Tangshan, has recorded the Tangshan people resists earthquakes the heroic magnificent feat which and the great achievement in the party leader and under whole nation's support the disaster relief, rebuilds one's homeland. Had demonstrated the third part to the ninth part rises the new Tangshan's graceful bearing on the earthquake ruins.

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This is an overview of hebei

Hebei located at Beijing, the Tianjin two city's periphery, was the national capital important place since old times. As the Qing Dynasty imperial family “the picnic” the place, northeast Hebei Province's Chengde is one which of historical cities our country names most early, here has the Qing Dynasty biggest imperial family historic garden Chengde summer resort, the Chinese biggest imperial family temple group - - “Waibamiao”, Qing Dynasty imperial family You Lie place - - Lily magnolia yard. Hebei is China's cultural relic big province, has country key Cultural relic preservation organ 58, is the national first place, famous also has Handan Zhao Wangcheng the ruins, the She County Wa imperial palace, the sound hall mountain rock cave, Baoding Chihli governor bureau, the ancient lotus pond, clear Xiling, Tangshan clear Dongling, the Cangzhou iron lion, the Dingzhou tower, Zhaozhou Bridge, the Zhengding Longxing Temple and so on. In the long historic monuments' behind, Hebei Province also many have the scenery beauty the natural landscape: Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao Nadaihe and the Tangshan coast's natural seashore scenery, on the vast sublime dam the prairie, the rural feeling day becomes the Laishui Yesanpo, precipitous does not lose elegant Zhangshiyan ......The mountain, the water, prairie each kind of view serve as contrast to become, was “Land of Yan and Zhao” has increased many colors. Some areas ancient are Jizhou, therefore is called Hebei. Hebei is situated at shore of North China, the Bohai Sea, around capital Beijing, suburb Tianjin. When Spring and Autumn Period Warring States for swallow, the Zhao place, when Chinese, Jin sets at Hebei, quiet two states, Tang Shuhe the Beidao, the Yuan is the secretariat, clearly is the national capital, clear is Chihli, in 1928 the beginning called Hebei Province. Presently governs 11 locally administered levels, 22 county-level cities, 109 counties, 6 autonomous counties. more than 60 city county opening to the outside world. Entire province area 187693 square kilometers. Has nationalities and so on Han Nationality, Hui tribe, Manchu nationality.

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