Tanzhe Temple - Sakyamuni valuable palace

Tanzhe Temple builds in the Western Jin Dynasty Yongjia first year (A.D. 307 years),

at the beginning of the temple the name “the fine lucky temple”, Qing Dynasty

Emperor Kangxi bestows named “the cave cloud temple”, after but because temple,

has Longtan, on the mountain has the three-bristle cudrania tree, therefore the folk

has been called “Tanzhe Temple”. It was had nearly 1700 history, is known as “has

Tanzhe Temple first, latter has Beijing” folk proverbs. the Tanzhe Temple located

at Beijing west southeast Mentougou District's deep pool three-bristle cudrania

piedmont, is apart from the town center 30 kilometers. The temple is facing south,

the back relies on valuable Mount Everest, the surroundings has nine big mountain

peaks to assume the U-shaped link to protect, just like under nine big dragon's

supporting. The big mountain peak has blocked the cold current which raids from

Northwest, therefore here climate is warm, is moist, in the temple the old tree is

towering, the pagoda stands in great numbers, palace palatial entire place temple

architecture according to topography, but ingenious layout, scattered and organized,

has green bamboo precious flower embellishment period, the environment is extremely


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