Tartini square in Piran
The main square in the coastal town of Piran - Tartini square, named after Giuseppe Tartini, who was born in Piran. Tartini, as can be assumed from the statue, was a violin player, but also a composer and music theorist.
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Atila Bezdan
Piran, Tartinijev trg
Aleksandr Starovojtov
Piran Tartini Square 1
Aleksandr Starovojtov
Piran Tartini Square 02
Andrej Vojvoda
Piran, Slovenia
Aleksandr Starovojtov
Piran, outside St. Francisco monastery
Aleksandr Starovojtov
Piran, the castle
Atila Bezdan
Piran Marina
Štefan Grgič
Church of St. George
Aleksandr Starovojtov
Piran Castle Wall 2
Aleksandr Starovojtov
Piran, behind the castle
Aleksandr Starovojtov
Piran, St. Francisco church
Štefan Grgič
Sg slovenija piran kloster
Claudio Lanconelli
Ancient fish market
Sam Ka Tsuen3
Viden Natzev
Pyrenees - Vazos coute Luz Saint Saveur
Шубкин Сергей
Свято-Введенский Толгский женский монастырь.
T. Emrich
Lake in Autumn
Ian McCarney
Trintity Street
Kyrre Andersen
“Can you see us … from outer space?”
Brian Shriver
Sam Ka Tsuen 2
Andrea Biffi
stairs at Cimitero Monumentale - Milano (italy)
Nikolai Soloviov
memorial kishinev
William Hamblin
Temple of Artemis at Jerash, Jordan
Zoran Trost
Jeruzalem in Slovenia
Zoran Trost
Church of Saint Helen in Pertoča
Zoran Trost
Lohengrin fountain in Kleve
Zoran Trost
Temple bar in Dublin
Zoran Trost
Behind the Berliner Dom
Zoran Trost
Maribor at Christmas time
Zoran Trost
Kuhinja - jedilnica
Zoran Trost
Evening on the main square in Cres
Zoran Trost
Slovenia's largest advent wreath in 2012
Zoran Trost
Trinity College in Dublin
Zoran Trost
ICE trains in the main train station in Cologne
Zoran Trost
Sunrise in Bled
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