Te Mana O Te Moana : The Turtle Nursery

The te mana o te moana non-profit association was founded on September 23rd, 2004. Through its research, conservation, communication and educational activities, te mana o te moana strives to protect the marine environment of French Polynesia and to educate the public.  Te mana o te moana association is state-approved and officially recognized by the environmental code.

"Te Mana O Te Moana" means "The Spirit Of Ocean"

Copyright: Gregory Panayotou
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Uploaded: 22/05/2009
Updated: 09/06/2014


Tags: turtle nursery; nursery; turtles; te ma o te moana; moorea; french polynesia
  • Greg Panayotou over 1 year ago
    Thx Nikos for your nice comment !! :)
  • Nikos Maretas over 1 year ago
    ρε φίλε μας έχεις τρελάνει με αυτά που βγάζεις! Απίστευτα μέρη, απίστευτες φωτογραφίες. Να σαι καλά να συνεχίσεις.
  • God over 1 year ago
    Gorgeous !!
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    More About Moorea

    Moorea is a high island in French Polynesia, part of the Society Islands, 17 km (roughly 9mi) northwest of Tahiti. Moorea means "yellow lizard" in Tahitian. An older name for the island is Aimeho, sometimes spelled Aimeo or Eimeo (among other spellings misunderstood by early visitors with no knowledge of the language). Early Western colonists and voyagers also referred to Moorea as York Island.