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Temple IV, Tikal
Temple IV,at 64m high, shrouded in the jungle of Peten, is the tallest structure in Tikal, if not the entire Mayan Empire. The lower half of the structure has been reclaimed by nature and is dense with vegetation. A staircase by the left side of the structure provides access to the top. Archaeologist believes that this structure probably houses the burial chamber of Yax Kin who came to the throne on December 12th 734 A.D. Facing the south, it commands a spectacular view of jungle below. The temples at the Central Plaza as well as the very tip of Temple V and one of the temple from the Mundo Perdido Complex could be seen here.
Copyright: Arroz Marisco
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 14000x7000
Taken: 26/10/2009
Uploaded: 26/04/2011
Updated: 11/06/2014


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