Tetouan Cemetery No. 1

Carved into the hillside with the calm waters of the Mediterranean visible in the distance, the Tetouan Jewish Cemetery hosts some of the most elaborate tombstones in the region. Many even possess epigraphs, far from customary among Jewish communities. To learn more about this site and explore others, visit our exhibit website (http://www.jewishmorocco.org/?page_id=1148)

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  • Mhammad Benaboud 11 months ago
    I have the impression that the arrow in the picture is not pointing in the right direction. The Straights of Gibraltar are Northwards and the arrow seems to be pointing towards the Mediterranean Sea which is eastwards.
  • Mhammad Benaboud 11 months ago
    The Three Historical Cemeteries of Tetouan Mhammad Benaboud The Tetouan Asmir Assocition This is the Jewish Cemetery of Tetouan. The Muslim Cemetery of Tetouan is just across the road. The oldest mausoleums in the Muslim Cemetery of Tetouan date back to the late fifteenth-early sixteenth century and they were built by the Andalusians came from Granada to rebuild the Medina of Tetouan. The graves in the Jewish cemetery are probably older. There is also a Spanish Catholic Cemetery further up Mount Dersa not far from the Muslim Cemetery.The Christian Cemetery is divided into two parts, the civil and the military sections and it is more recent, dating back to the period of the Spanish Protectarate in Morocco. The interesting thing about these three cemeteries is that they wer all build on the same mountain, Mount Dersa, where the Medina of Tetouan was also built. The conditions of the three cemeteries vary. The Spanish Catholic Cemetery is maintained very well. It is protected by a high wall and iron gates. There is a Muslim guard who also owns dogs. You will find palm trees and cyprus trees and well made paths inside the cemetery. The Jewish cemetery is also well protected with a wall and a an iron gate. There is also a Muslim gaurd. The condition of the Muslim Cemetery which is enormous, varies from one part to another. The City Council of Tetouan has organised one part of the cemetery, and the Tetouan Asmir Association started a project three years ago the objective of which is to rehabilitate and restore this historic cemetery.
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