The Anchor's Open Air Museum, Salinas
It's a little and curious little museum sited on a little rock formation at the western end of the beach in Salinas.
Copyright: Inaki rezola
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7000x3500
Uploaded: 16/09/2008
Updated: 12/02/2012
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Inaki Rezola
The Anchor's Open Air Museum, Salinas
Museo de Anclas Philippe Cousteau
Juan Lamata
Slalinas Asturias
Juan Lamata
Surf City Salinas Asturias
Juan Lamata
Playa de Salinas Long Board Festival
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Dunas de El Espartal, Asturias
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Salinas Beach Asturias
Arnao Beach 1 of castrillon
Juan Lamata
Fire in the forest
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"El Espartal" dunes, Asturias
breakwater of Aviles estuary
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Driftwood installation by Veiðilyesa, on the road to Djúpavík, Iceland
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Semi Anechoic Chamber
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ahu tongariki in easter island
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Der schafberggipfel
Inaki Rezola
Basilica de Santa Maria, Llanes
Inaki Rezola
Ferrera Park, Aviles
Inaki Rezola
Peñas Cape, Gozon
Inaki Rezola
Borizu Beach, Celorio, Llanes
Inaki Rezola
El Bodegon, Llanes
Inaki Rezola
San Martin Beach, Celorio, Llanes
Inaki Rezola
Verdicio coastline, Gozon
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Old University of Oviedo
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Cimadevilla district, Gijon
Inaki Rezola
La Regenta, Oviedo
Inaki Rezola
The Clock Tower, Gijon
Inaki Rezola
Sabugo District, Aviles
More About Asturias

Historically isolated from the rest of Spain by its high mountains, Asturias claims to be a Natural Paradise. It hosts many World Heritage features and gets world wide media coverage every year when the 'Prince of Asturias Awards' winners' names are announced.