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The Bull of Spain in Extremadura
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 15000x7500
Uploaded: 13/11/2009
Updated: 24/09/2014


Tags: the bull; bull; spain; teran; naret; osborne
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Jero Morales
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Extremadura (Estremaura in Extremadura and the fala). It is a Spanish autonomous community located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is composed of the two largest provinces in Spain: Cáceres yBadajoz. Extremadura bounded on the north by the provinces of Salamanca, Ávila (Castilla y León), south conHuelva, Sevilla and Cordoba (Andalusia), on the east, with Toledo and Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) and west conPortugal. Its capital is Mérida (Augusta Emerita old), the city recognized by the Statute of Autonomy as the seat of the Government of Extremadura.