The Church of the Prophet Elijah

The Church of the Prophet Elijah was built between 1647-1650. It was a votive church of the Skripin, wealthy Yaroslavl merchants. Alterations made in the 18th and 19th centuries included reconstruction of the Chapel of the Intercession and the replacement of the old roofing by a hipped roof. In 1896 the church was enclosed by a fence with a grille. In the late 1950s restorative work was carried on in the north chapel and the bell tower. The north parvis has a small chapel on the east side, consecrated to SS Gury, Simeon and Aviv, which after the fashion of Moscow architecture was surmounted with a pyramid of kokoshnik ogee arches and a small dome. The chapel of the Robe of Christ,a small independent church was built as a place safekeeping of a venerable religious relic: part of the so-called Robe of Christ which the Skripin had received as a gift from Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and the Moscow Patriarch Joseph who acted as patrons during the construction of the church.

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