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The Federation Bells Sculpture Garden at Birrarung Marr
City of Melbourne

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birrarung_Marr,_Melbourne

The Federation Bells on the middle terrace, commissioned in 2001, are a collection of inverted temple-style bells of various sizes mounted on steel poles. The result is not unlike a collection of church bells, however they are spread through an open space rather than being confined to a tower, allowing people to walk between them. There are thirty-nine bells in total, with a combined weight of 1.2 tonnes. Tuned in the just intonation method, the bells are controlled by computer, and play seven different compositions, each lasting for five minutes. This sound sculpture plays three times a day. The bells were designed by Neil McLachlan, and their arrangement and supporting structure was designed by Ronald Jones and architects Swaney Draper

20 Frames Shot on Canon 7D with 15mm Sigma Fisheye Lens 1/125th, F11 at ISO 100

Copyright: John Warkentin
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 22500x11250
Taken: 16/04/2010
Uploaded: 22/09/2011
Updated: 11/12/2014


Tags: art; sculpture
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