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solovetsky monastery.Holy trinity anzer skete. Solovetsky Archipelago (Solovki),island Anzer,in the White Sea,

The Holy Trinity Anzer Skete. In the 16th century there were salt beds in Troitsky (Trinity) Bay belonging to the monastery and the church of Saint Nicholas. The skete was founded in 1619 by Saint Eleazar of Anzer with the blessing of Saint Irinarch the hegumen of Solovki on the spot of a miraculous vision in which the monastery fishermen saw “a pillar of fire reaching up to the heavens”. Saint Eleazar was the builder of the original Troitsky (Trinity) Skete from 1624 until his death in 1656. In the 1630’s Saint Eleazar tonsured a priest here called Nikita (Minin), the future Patriarch Nikon. Among Saint Eleazar’s pupils were the hermits Nikodim, Nikiphor of Novgorod and hieromonk Makary. Early in the 18th century the builder of the Troitsky Skete was the exiled spiritual father of Peter the Great, Saint Job (Jesus) of Anzer. In the nineteenth century Solovetsky ascetics lived here – the elder Naum, the hieromonk of the schema Ieronim (Lukin) and the hermit Philip. During the camp time the 4th Section of the Special Purposes Labour Camp was based at the skete. Political prisoners were kept here in 1924 and then women inmates on punishment (including nuns), there were craft workshops here.


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Михаил Шишов
Свято-Троицкий Анзерский скит
Churbanov Yakov
Соловецкий монастырь, остров Анзер, Голгофо-Распятский скит (на горе Голгофе высотой 63,8 м).
Михаил Шишов
Михаил Шишов
Причал Реболды
Михаил Шишов
nick kvartnik
Petrovsky gorodok
Чурбанов Яков
solovetsky-monastery view from north.Solovetsky Archipelago (Solovki) in the White Sea
Михаил Шишов
Секирная гора
Churbanov Yakov
solovetsky monastery view from holy-lake ,lies to the east of the Solovetsky monastery ,Solovetsky Archipelago ,Solovki , White Sea, Arkhangelsk Region
Anton Gulya-Yanovskiy
Соловецкий остров. Церковь-маяк. (Solovetsky Island. Church-lighthouse)
Anton Gulya-Yanovskiy
Соловецкий остров. Свято-Вознесенский скит (Solovetsky Island. Voznesenskiy hermitage)
Михаил Шишов
Секирная гора
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Carlos Esparza Ramón
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Aaron Priest
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Ivan Tsyrkunovich
Ночной фотопленер
Thomas Huang
Tarn Col, Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand
Wojciech Sadlej
Etruscan Necropolises of Cerveteri
Gregor Duller
Feuerwerk am Klopeinersee in Kaernten Austria
Anton Grinevskiy
Sunset at the White Sea Biological Station (MSU)
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Hwasun Manyeonsa 4
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Amphitheatre in El Jem
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Churbanov Yakov
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Wooden Architecture and Folk Art Museum «Malye Korely» , Dvina Sector
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Pochozersky temple complex XVIII - XIX centuries. Filippovskaya village
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Panorama of New Athos at the waterfall and Simon the Canaanite temple, Abkhazia
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Churbanov Yakov
View On Kotor And Bay Of Kotor From Top Of St. John Fortress. Montenegro
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вид на арт-объект "летучий голландец" , деревня Масельга
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