the Masua Mine

The Masua zinc-lead mine (1863-1991) at the SW coast of Sardinia with in the distance in the sea the 'sugar bread' rock. 

Copyright: Hans Zijlstra
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13500x6750
Taken: 04/11/2012
Uploaded: 18/11/2012
Updated: 16/10/2014


Tags: masua; mine; sardinia; zinc; lead; sulphide; sphalerite; galena; hydrozincite; cerussite
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Beach of Masua and "Pan di Zucchero"
Mauro Innocenti
Portu cauli dt 050699xx
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Masua, Pan di Zucchero cliff and beach from an old dock
From the viewpoint of Nebida
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Nebida, ruins of ancient mining windmill
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Sunset, ruins of ancient mining watermill, Nebida, Pan di Zucchero Cliff
Alessandro Ugazio
Nebida, Sardinia
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Sunset from the Nebida's panoramic promenade
Mauro Innocenti
Laveria lamarmora nebida sardegna
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Fontanamare, old minerary port and docks (XIX c.) and beach
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Beach and tunnel Umberto I, mine water discharge outlet
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Tunnel Umberto I, Monteponi mine water discharge outlet, built in 1875
Ronald Tichelaar
The Narrow Gorge of Mågålaupet
Jaime Brotons
Igor Chuevskyi
Minsk, On the banks of Svislotch river (Belarus)
Gary Davies
HMS Alliance fwd torpedo room
Andrey Gorlachev
Camp near the lake
Michael Malag
Salmiya seaside in IR
Anton Gulya-Yanovskiy
Ораниенбаум. Китайский дворец. Розовая гостиная. (Oranienbaum. Chinese palace. Rose drawing-room)
bibouroku tabito
Autumn colour of Atami-Baien (Atami plum garden) 3
Amin Abedini
Glory of Christ abandoned-church, Ghalat, Shiraz
Stephan Messner
Img 2597 lilienstein mond ii 10mm 16102011 panorama hdr sphere
Marcio Cabral
Pratinha Cave
Jaime Brotons
Hans Zijlstra
Maastricht Wijck Ceramique
Hans Zijlstra
Abandoned Balya Mine
Hans Zijlstra
Hotel Lidya Sardes
Hans Zijlstra
Abandoned Baccu Locci lead arsenate sulfide ore processing plant
Hans Zijlstra
External permeable reactive barrier treating acid mine water from san riccardo gallery
Hans Zijlstra
Umbrella project plant revegetation trial plots at Naracauli mining waste site
Hans Zijlstra
Baccu Locci lake near former mine flotation plant
Hans Zijlstra
Just Saw Fish
Hans Zijlstra
High And Narrow
Hans Zijlstra
Found Lost Found
Hans Zijlstra
Surreal Metaphysical Master
Hans Zijlstra
The Monteponi zinc lead ore processing plant with reddish colored muddy tailings
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Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily). The area of Sardinia is 24,090 square kilometres (9,301 sq mi). The island is surrounded (clockwise from north) by the French island of Corsica, the Italian Peninsula, Tunisia and the Balearic Islands. Sardinia is a constitutional part of Italy, with a special statute of regional autonomy under the Italian Constitution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sardinia