The night of Singarope
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Evgeny Efimov
Esplanade, Singapore
Evgeny Efimov
Esplanade at night, Singapore
Willy Kaemena
Marina Bay 2012
Jedsada Puangsaichai
Singapore River (1)
Michael James Fabian
Marina Bay, Singapore
Daniel Oi
Outdoor Theatre, Esplanade, Singapore
Marinabay3 P
Jedsada Puangsaichai
Esplanade Bridge, Singapore
Mervin Manangan
Marina Bay, Singapore
Daniel Oi
Outdoor Theatre, Esplanade, Singapore
Johnny Koh
Singapore Esplanade Roof Top Garden
Lim Zhi Min
Inside Outdoor Theatre At Esplanade
Igor Adamec
Trakošćan Castle - 14
Mark Fink
Quarrymans Museum Opus 40 Saugerties Ny
Pascal Moulin
Autel du bas-côté du chœur dans l'église d'Isle-Saint-Georges - France
Jan Köhn
Ferris wheel - Gondola 1
Basen I
Jose Luis Perez
Armando Talavera Factory 01
Calvin Jones
Tree of Utah 2
Comi Valentine
Inside Tien Son cave in Phong Nha cave, Quang Binh (Động Tiên Sơn, Phong Nha)
Marcio Cabral
Chorrillo del Salto
Marcio Cabral
Fitzroy and Lagunas
Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities
Rafał Szmigiero
Dlugi Targ in Gdansk, Poland
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1881 Heritage, Hong Kong 尖沙咀前水警總部
温州火车站 Wenzhou Railway Station
前台中市政府 Former Taichung Government House
山水秀 华鑫中心 Huaxin Center by Scenic Architecture Office
温州中山公园 树荫下的圆石凳 The round stone under the trees in Zhongshan Prak, Wenzhou
温州泰顺仕阳镇 仕水礅步 Shishui pier step in Shiyang Town, Taishun, Wenzhou
香港大学校园—中山广场 体验日 Experience HKU Day at Sun yat-sen Place, the University of Hongkong
厦门鼓浪屿东沙滩的石头 The Stone of Gulangyu East Beach,Xiamen
Jungmun beach jeju island2
永嘉苍坡村笔街 Writing Brush Street in Cangpo Village, Wenzhou
More About Singapore

Singapore began as a boat quay at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Its early days bear few written accounts which are made more difficult to interpret due to the many names it has had. Its original name in Malay meant "island at the end" of the peninsula.In the middle ages there was a settlement here with a trading post and fishing village; today Singapore technically contains sixty-three small islands. Here's a good view of the city from Merlion Park and up close at Raffles Place.From the fifteenth century onwards Singapore's warring neighbors took turns taking over control of the city. Over the past five centuries this port city has been the property of Siam, the Majapahit Empire of Java, Thailand, Portugal, Britain, Japan and Malaysia. Singapore finally achieved its independence in 1959 and has existed as the Republic of Singapore, a UN member nation.Singapore is really interesting because it's one of only five sovereign city-states which survived the colonial expansion period of world history. (The others are Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra.) Its history as a busy port city has brought traders from all over the world, and their influence is commemorated in some interesting works of art. For example, see the British tea merchants along the Singapore river, and the Asian Civilizations Museum.In the nineteenth century Singapore was a major port for ships traveling between Europe and East Asia. During WWII the Battle of Singapore ended with the largest British surrender in history -- nearly 130,000 troops.Next time you have the chance to pass through Singapore, make sure to visit the zoo and see the white tigers, and be glad there's a fence in between. Also note how clean the city is, even under a bridge.Text by Steve Smith.