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The Sinkhole of Geyer (Geyersche Binge) [X]

The "Geyersche Binge", elsewhere known as Pinge, (may be translated as sinkhole) is a crater which was created by over-exploitation and neglect of necessary safety precautions in tin mine Geyersberg.

There were 2 collapses, and that in the years 1704 and 1803. Until now 2 more miners are buried under the rubble. Only the bedrock of the "Knauer" still sticking out of the cavity. Ore was mined here as early as 1361 - mainly tin, but also silver, copper and others.
But how it came to a sudden collapse of the mining industry there? The hard granite was suffering from the decomposition method (chamber degradation) of fire setting, it lost its strength. Miners created voids of up to 40 meters in diameter and 35 meters high. This can be seen in many places. That's precisely the reason: too many and lying close together, the mine voids and passages were eventually collapsing.
Today a teaching trail takes you through the crater. The Geyersche Binge, that was named after the mountain town Geyer, is a geological and mining scientifical monument, it has a diameter of about 200 - 250 and a depth of 50 - 60 meters. -rh

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Copyright: Rico Hentschel
Type: Spherical
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Taken: 17/07/2009
Uploaded: 17/02/2010
Updated: 04/09/2014


Tags: germany; saxony; ore mountains; annaberg-buchholz; geyer; mining; monument; crater
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