Tikal: the Plaza of the Seven Temples
One of my favorite parts of Tikal- the Plaza of the Seven Temples.
Copyright: Joe griffin
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Updated: 23/07/2014


Tags: plaza; seven; temples; lost; world; tikal; ruins; maya; peten; jungle; archaeology; ancient; temple; city; pyramid; guatemala
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Joe Griffin
Among the Seven Temples
Arroz Marisco
The Jungle Canopy from the top of Temple V, Tikal
Jan Vrsinsky
View from Temple V
Joe Griffin
Tikal: the Mundo Perdido (a.k.a. the Lost World)
Jan Vrsinsky
Stairs to Templo V
Jan Vrsinsky
View of Gran Plaza from Temple II at Tikal
Arroz Marisco
View of Central Plaza from Central Acropolis
Jan Vrsinsky
Restoration of Temple V in Tikal
Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll
View of the Jaguar Temple at Tikal Ruins in Guatemala
Jan Vrsinsky
Gran Plaza at Tikal
Arroz Marisco
Temple of the Masks, Tikal, Guatemala
Marvin del Cid
Robert L. Tilden
Vladimir Salman
Mouth left Frolixi Baikal
Valentin Arfire
Luciano Correa | Vista Panoramica
Vista Panoramica Office in Campos do Jordão SP Brazil
Valentin Arfire
sant celoni
Markus Matern
First Light at Gornergrat
Ignacio Duran de la Re
Formas de Piedra - el azul estudio
Christof Martin - pfalz360.de
Pilatus View North/West
Marco den Herder
Madeira (Monte) - Nossa Senhora
Mahmood Hamidi
Canoe paddling in Lake Maelaren, Sweden
Willy Kaemena
TV Tower Berlin 2012
On top the Siam Discovery Tower
Joe Griffin
Taking a break from the heat in the shade at Copan
Joe Griffin
Along the Trail in Deer Creek Hills
Joe Griffin
Wilson Canyon Pano2
Joe Griffin
Stopping by the river.
Joe Griffin
On Horseback in Deer Creek Hills
Joe Griffin
Snow in historic downtown Truckee
Joe Griffin
Fishing in the fog in the American River
Joe Griffin
Evening at Pyramid Lake with a Dead Pelican
Joe Griffin
Death of a Camphor
Joe Griffin
A Bustling Morning at the Farmer's Market
Joe Griffin
Vineyard outside Dry Town, California
Joe Griffin
Fire lookout at the top of the Watchman Trail
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