Tomb of Meryra, Amarna

This is the view of the first hypostyle hall of the tomb of Meryra, a High Priest of Aten during the revolutionary but short reign of Akhenaten. The tomb is found in the cliffs on the northern edge of the ancient city of Akhetaten, which was abandoned soon after Akhenaten's death. Meryra's tomb was never completed, though the murals in the first hypostyle hall are considered to be some of the most beautiful around. The depiction of the sun and its rays are typical elements of tomb decoration during this phase. Here's a thorough description of the art on these walls.

Photography is strictly prohibited in this tomb, so I didn't even bothering asking the tomb guardian for permission. After admiring my tripod, however, he and a local policeman volunteered to let me take photos in return for baksheesh. I suspected I had to work quickly, though, so began taking photos immediately without taking the time for careful calibration. That proved to be a good decision — before I could take a final photo of the floor, we were discovered by their boss, who was not happy. I ended up taking a casual photo of the floor as we were being given a dressing-down; it has all our feet on it.

This panorama underwent some color correction during post-processing. The main problem is that the daylight and the neon lights were of a very different color temperature.

Copyright: Stefan Geens
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11716x5858
Taken: 02/12/2008
Uploaded: 24/12/2008
Updated: 28/02/2015


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