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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Greek Parliament

Here is a 260 Megapixel panorama of the East area of Syntagma square, in the center of Athens, where is the Neoclassical building that houses the Parliament of Greece. The choice of location and construction of the building was made by architect Friedrich von Gärtner,(1792-1847) in 1836. The Greek Parliament House is facing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, honoring all the unknown soldiers who died or bled for their country. This Monument was inaugurated on March 25th, 1932, the National Day when the Greeks celebrate the declaration of their War of Independence against the Turks. It is guarded by an infantry unit of the Greek army, the Evzones. Evzones wear traditional Greek uniforms and their most distinctive part is foustanela, a kilt-like skirt. The changing of the guards takes place every hour. During their service, the Evzones are not allowed to talk or move at all. Carved signs are written in ancient and modern Greek language on the wall of the tomb. One of them is an excerpt from the speech given by Pericles in 430 BC for the first dead of the Peloponnesian War: «Ανδρών επιφανών πάσα γη τάφος» that reads translated: 'The tomb of the glorious men is anywhere on earth'.

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Type: Spherical
Resolution: 22782x11391
Taken: 22/05/2012
Uploaded: 23/05/2012
Updated: 10/10/2014


Tags: athens; greece; city; neoclassical; architecture; syntagma; parliament; tomb; soldier; greek parliament
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Veros Plakiotis
03 Athens Greek Parliament - Ex Royal Palace - Monumnet of the unknown soldier.
Veros Plakiotis
Athens 25th March parade Amalias street.
Nikos Giannakopoulos
Hellenic Parliament
Lefteris Eleftheriou
very angry people Athens Greece
Atila Bezdan
The Greek Parliament, Syntagma Square, Athens
Lefteris Eleftheriou
Syntagma Greek Protests
Lefteris Eleftheriou
scene from protest in Athens
Lefteris Eleftheriou
angry people
Veros Plakiotis
Athens Flower Shops below greek parliament 02.
Veros Plakiotis
Athens greek parliament Syntagma square panoramic.
Veros Plakiotis
Athens Syntagma Square Panoramic renovation
Veros Plakiotis
2014 Athens Good Friday Epitaphios Amalias street near the Greek Parliament.
Bane Obradović
Fosseland lake, Norway
Marco Maier
Ramones Museum Berlin
Bill Edwards
Military Mashup, Camp Adams, Arlington Fly-In, Arlington, WA
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Aerial 360 of UKZN Pietermaritzburg Main Campus
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The church of San Pantaleone, Sambuca, Garfagnana
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Sculpture "Windhosen" from Julia Bornefeld, Husum
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Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Strasbourg, France
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Te Henga (Bethells Beach)
Bernardo Patino
Larry Huppert
Cadillac Mountain Sunset
epoca libera
Athens central market
epoca libera
Averof Building Peristyle
epoca libera
The Christmas tree in Athens for the coming new year 2013
epoca libera
Elia Beach Mykonos
epoca libera
Prytaneum of Athens University
epoca libera
Hadrian's Library in the evening
epoca libera
Les Miserables of Athens
epoca libera
epoca libera
The Praying Hands in the center of the Greek capital
epoca libera
Kaningos Square Athens
epoca libera
The junction of Sophocles and Piraeus Street.
epoca libera
Athens meat market
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Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece, dominates the Attica periphery: as one of the world's oldest cities, its recorded history spans at least 3,000 years.