Torgashinskiy mountain ridge

Торгашинский горный хребет. Находится в окрестности города Красноярска, по течении реки Базаиха. Скалы хребта состоят из известняка.

Copyright: Andrew Borus
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 14500x7250
Uploaded: 14/09/2011
Updated: 20/08/2014


Tags: красноярск; Торгашинский; Хребет; горы; путешествия; Базаиха; река; mountain ridge; torgashinskiy; krasnoyarsk; mountains; bazaiha; river; outbdoor; siberia; Сибирь
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Anatolij Semyonov
Torgashinskiy Ridge, buttes
Anatolij Semyonov
Skala Arka / Arch Rock - view from the top
Anatolij Semyonov
Skala Arka / Arch Rock
Anatolij Semyonov
Хребет Торгашинский, лес на вершине
Sergey Rusanov
Takmak Spa Hotel
Anatolij Semyonov
Хребет Центральный Куйсумский, поляна в лесу
Anatolij Semyonov
Ivanov Ravine
Alexey Bayfa
Near the rock "Red Crest"
Alexey Bayfa
Rock Red Crest
Anatolij Semyonov
Skala Borodok / Piercer Rock
Anatolij Semyonov
Skala Borodok / Piercer Rock - view from the side of Ermak Rock
Anatolij Semyonov
Skala Ermak / Ermak Rock
Lev Trusov
Church in Aksinino
Tom Sadowski
Tractor Display at Pinnacle Mountain Lodge in Alaska
Jeff Scholl
Above the Old River Bridge along the Middle Fork in West Glacier, Montana
Simona Bartolomei
Alabaster Artist at Work
Andrea Biffi
Musée départemental de l'Oise
Tom Mills
Riad Jdi 1
Wojciech Sadlej
The ruins of the building 1
Bob Stapleton
London World Naked Bike Ride 2010
Ignacio Duran de la Re
Palacio De Gobierno
На пилоне Большого Обуховского моста, СПб
Marijan Marijanovic
View on Lukin fir and river Lim from hanging bridge
Jeff Scholl
Above Swift Reservoir outside of Dupuyer, Montana
Andrew Borus
Kuturchin's Mountains - Alat
Andrew Borus
Enisey river
Andrew Borus
Плёс - на городском валу
Andrew Borus
Kuturchin's Mountains - 1700 meters
Andrew Borus
Venice on Borus
Andrew Borus
Ergaki - Cedar
Andrew Borus
Ergaki - Snow on waterfall
Andrew Borus
Ugra Camp
Andrew Borus
Ergaki - Parabola
Andrew Borus
Andrew Borus
Togys-As - Arch
Andrew Borus
Ergaki - Lake Double - 2
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