Tortilla factory in Tequila 1021
These panoramas are from my visit to Tequila, Mexico in late february 2010. I took advantage of my jetlag, waking up just before dawn and shooting as many streets and street corners as I could. The village of Tequila is a charming place, an hour west of the bloated and gasoline-stained megalopolis of Guadalajara. Tequila is in many respects exactly what one would expect a Mexican town, and Mexico, to be: crumbling colonial church in the center lined by arcades and a main square filled by old cowboys, street vendors, shoe shines. Yes, Tequila is well worth a visit.
Copyright: Jeffrey Martin
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7200x3600
Uploaded: 27/02/2010
Updated: 05/06/2014


Tags: tequila; street; streetview; life; village; town
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Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 1012
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 1030
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 2176
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 1000
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila streets 1039
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 2183
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 2173
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 1048
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 2161
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 0991
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 2152
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 2192
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More About Tequila

Tequila is a fantastic little town located about one hour northwest of Guadalajara. It is in many respects just what you might imagine a Mexican town to be - crumbling colonial church, arched arcades, dusty streets, plenty of cowboys, hot sunshine, and plenty of tequila to drink.