Transbordador en Canal de Chacao


The sad clouds abandoned the city of Puerto Montt to the east. With his departure were renewed desire to want to go around the city and especially crossing the archipelago of Chiloé.

This giant island is the continuation of the Cordillera de la Costa. It is separated from the mainland by the Chacao channel on the north side. At this, the interrupt gulfs of Ancud and Corcovado. The point is that in its interior mythical holds much colonial history of Chile and an unprecedented nature.

From Puerto Montt, we traveled 60 km route to Pargua, where we took a ferry to cross the Chacao Channel to the island.

At present, two operating companies made the crossing to Chiloé. One is the Transmarchilay, which uses four ferries with remarkable lengths. They are the Camahueto, Fiura, Cal and Cal Llacolén. The other shipping company is the Southern Cross, which also operates four ferryboats, the Don Juan, Alonso de Ercilla, Govt. Figueroa and Bertina.

The crossover begins regular service from 7 am to 23.30. The frequencies between the two ranges between 15 and 20 minutes, and the total distance of crossing takes about half an hour. After 2330, there is a shuttle service every hour.

Chacao Channel is considered by many biologists as the gateway to the past of the world, because once you are on the island have access to Chiloe National Park, one of the few forested areas that retain the primitive character of the flora and fauna. The weather warm and humid archipelago allows the existence of evergreen forest, consisting olivillos, coigües, myrtle and larch. The fauna comprises at Chiloe fox, sea lion, sea otter, pudu, and Magellanic woodpeckers, among the most colorful.

We hope our turn and, within minutes, we were on one of the ferries, waiting to be taken to the island. The ferry passes Carelmapu, a small village across the canal, known for its celebration of the Virgin of Candelaria, your church, your cove and beach brava.

If you come across your own boat and sail to the east, it gets access to the Gulf of Ancud going against Caulín City, where there are some restaurants that offer dishes from oysters instead, whose farms can be seen from the sea .

Looked expectantly across the coast. We knew that we could learn much of the history of the neighboring country and enjoy the peace that provides the contact with nature. We could walk its fine sandy beaches that stretch for miles and admire the sunset on the far horizon of the Pacific.

At last we crossed into the giant land mass that emerges on the troubled waters, but that's another story.

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