Ubatuba Praia Itagua
Ubatuba - North of São Paulo

Wikipedia:  "Ubatuba is a Brazilian city, located on the southeast coast, in the state of São Paulo. The population in 2003 was 76,847, its density was 107.93 hab/km² and the area is 712 km².

Ubatuba is linked with the Rodovia Longitudinal or the BR-101 and is also located east of São Paulo and east/north/east of Santos and west of Rio de Janeiro. The city lies within the Tropic of Capricorn.

The urban area is mainly concentrated in the Atlantic and valley areas. The city frequently receives rain, hence the nickname Uba Chuva (chuva being Portuguese for "rain"). Much of the land to the north is forested and mountainous, forming a part of the Serra do Mar mountains. The Serra do Mar State Park covers 83% of the city and rarely has connecting roads through the mountain range. A marine park was created under Projeto TAMAR (Project Tamar) to protect sea turtles. In addition, the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo operates the Clarimundo de Jesus research base in Ubatuba.

Ubatuba is an important touristic city, receiving tourists from many parts of Brazil. Ubatuba features over 70 beaches. Some of these are Maranduba, Lázaro, Itamambuca, Vermelha, Grande, Enseada, Perequê, Saco da Ribeira and many more. Ubatuba also features an island named Anchieta after José de Anchieta, a preserved area since March 22, 1977."

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More About Ubatuba - North of São Paulo

Ubatuba possui algumas das mais belas praias do litoral norte de São Paulo, Com 95 praias para todos os gostos, conta ainda com o Projeto Tamar de proteção das tartarugas e um aquario para visitação!