Urphar church Jakobskirche Altar 2012

The Church ”Jakobskirche” in “Urphar” was built over 1,000 years ago and overwhelmed their visitors. The panorama was created in the vestibule area with a view into the nave (12th century). The church is open every day.

Nikon D5000 | Sigma Fisheye 8mm | Panoramic Tripod Head homemade | 4 Pictures | ISO 250 | 1 sec. | F9,5 | 8mm | PTGui | PaintShop Pro

Copyright: Ackermann Ralf
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Taken: 21/03/2012
Uploaded: 21/03/2012
Updated: 10/07/2014


  • Steffi 7 months ago
    Tolle Bilder von unserer Kirche! Echt klasse! Verkaufen Sie auch mal einen Abzug?
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    Ackermann Ralf
    Urphar Jakobskirche Chorraum 2012
    Ackermann Ralf
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    Ackermann Ralf
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    Rothenburg Alte Schmiede 2012
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