Val san nicolo
Copyright: Federico Bassi
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 15152x7576
Uploaded: 23/11/2012
Updated: 27/11/2012


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Federico Bassi
Sas de Adam - Val di Fassa
Federico Bassi
Passo ombretta
Petr Valla
Lago Cava - Col Margherita
Peter Borgula
View from Pozza di Fassa
Sergej Esnault
View from the Marmolada - Dolomiti - Italy
Jan Vrsinsky
Snow and Freezing in September - Marmolada
Jan Vrsinsky
Top of Marmolada - Dolomites
Jan Vrsinsky
Top of Marmolada - Rif. Punta Rocca (3309m)
Peter Borgula
meadow Pozza di Fassa
Peter Borgula
Pozza di Fassa - Square
Luciano Covolo
Falcade Skiarea Trevalli
Davide Pallaoro
From the bottom of Sella Tower
Masao Nagata
iPhone case Exhibition
Kengo Shimizu
Steam Locomotives at Umekoji Museum
Uwe Wieteck
Maxh tte konverterhalle
kiyoharu takamura
misty forest in autumn 1
Mikhail Nagaitsev
Livraria Lello (Lello Bookshop)
Bane Obradović
Crypt of the St. George's Church, Oplenac, Topola
Uwe Wieteck
Die mischerhalle der maxh tte
Jan Koehn
Airpano - Hot Air Balloon flight over Bamberg
Manuel Portillo
Abanilla Badlands (Murcia, Spain)
Hoylen Sue
Old Melbourne Gaol (level 1)
Marco den Herder
Groenlo - The Battle of Grolle 2012
Marcio Cabral
Mysterious Lagoon
Federico Bassi
Vicolo del duomo
Federico Bassi
The river Piave
Federico Bassi
The church of Pero
Federico Bassi
Vineyard in Pero
Federico Bassi
Rifugio pradidali
Federico Bassi
Trekking del Cristo Pensante
Federico Bassi
Catinaccio artemoia
Federico Bassi
Sas de Adam - Val di Fassa
Federico Bassi
Vineyard in Pero 2
Federico Bassi
Baita Segantini - Passo Rolle
Federico Bassi
Grape harvest in Pero 2
Federico Bassi
Lake Misurina
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Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol consists of two provinces: Trento and Bolzano-Bozen. The region was part of Austria-Hungary (and its predecessor, the Austrian Empire) from 1815 until its annexation by Italy in 1919. Together with the Austrian state of Tyrol it is represented by the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino.More informations on Wikipedia