Balcony of Ristorante Festival Della Pasta in Campos do Jordao SP
Campos do Jordão

Almost ten years ago, the Italian chef Carmelo Flavian left Reggio Calabria, a city well in the "beak" of the Boot, and settled in Campos do Jordao. He brought with him experience in restaurants in his homeland and a tea towel printed with the map of the country, its regions and their dishes, from Piedmont to Sicily. The colored fabric was the inspiration for that Flavian create the main attraction of your home in the hills: a tasting of fresh pasta that allows customers to try different flavors. "It's like a culinary journey," the chef explains, pointing to the napkin lying at the entrance of the restaurant. You pay R$ 47.00 set menu of seven times or R$ 52.00 for a combined five dessert menu. Made from semolina, the types vary daily and come to the table in small portions. In addition to gnocchi, lasagna and fettuccine, often seen among the offerings strozzapreti octopus, representing the Lazio region of Rome, and mass drop-shaped, stuffed with broccoli and sausage, affectionately called Neapolitan tear. Out of this selection, there is a la carte options such as trout with almonds accompanied by tagliolini pesto (R$ 52.00). Sweeten to taste pastiera di grano (R$ 18.00). The wine list, especially the red Tuscan Val di Suga Tuttobene yield 2006 (R$ 88.00).

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Luciano Correa | Vista Panoramica
Lounge of Ristorante Festival Della Pasta in Campos do Jordao SP
Luciano Correa | Vista Panoramica
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More About Campos do Jordão

My city is one of the highest in the country, is in the hills of Serra da Mantiqueira with altitude until 2.000m above sea line. It is famous for cold, despite being a tropical country, we have in our winter temperatures like -3, -5 degrees Celsius. For this reason our winter festival (international festival of classical music), is famous and attracts millions of tourists every year. Another unique feature is our architecture is entirely based in Europe.   The whole city of Campos do Jordao is a mall in the open. At night we have many store, restaurants and leisure centers. during the winter festival a lot of companies make presentations of new products and bring cultural events and entertainment for children, teens and adults.   The main tourist center is the town square of Village Capivari with a acoustics Shell for presentations of the festival and concerts of all kinds, we have a cable car to the hill Morro do Elefante from where you can obeservar throughout the city. We have another attractions like a State Park with an area of 83km2 preserved with wonderful rain florester and animals, recreation centers, natural landscapes with sports activities such as tree climbing, rock climbing, hangglider, paraglider, mountain biking, hiking and more...   The city of Campos do Jordao is famous for being a destination of charm in winter, it is called the Brazilian Swiss, many rich people have the winter home here. Living here is a little more expensive than in a big city.